Case Study - Unleash Your Cell Growth!

MassCells is a multi-purpose platform for a healthy lifestyle and social network with the possibility of using personal coaches, monitoring exercise results, and the entire nutritional program.



Two friends with a shared vision sought to create an app that would redefine the fitness world. MassCells was born from this vision - a platform where personal trainers could enhance their brand, expand their reach, and users could pick from a variety of trainers, informed by previous client experiences and fitness routines.

Armed with a freshly raised pre-seed round and a dream yet unrealized, they approached us. The pandemic had already taken a toll on their timeline, and they were in dire need of technical guidance to build their MVP with haste.

Enter Codilas. We hit the ground running, and after three months of dedicated development and tireless teamwork, the MassCells application was ready to take the world by storm. Today, it stands proud on both the Apple and Android stores, a beacon of fitness and connectivity, brought to life by an unstoppable vision and our unwavering commitment to delivering digital excellence.

What we did

  • Flutter Mobile Development
  • Backend
  • AWS

Choosing Codilas as our tech partner was one of the best decisions we have made. They do not just provide fantastic technological solutions, they adapt with an agility that is truly admirable. Whether responding to feedback from our users or addressing requests from our investors, their ability to pivot and change direction is nothing short of magical. Their seamless blend of adaptability and technical prowess made developing our fitness app an exciting journey.

Ivan Cik
CEO @ MassCells

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