About us - Pursuing Excellence, Every Byte of the Way

Our strength? A relentless pursuit of excellence, driven by collaboration and dedication, ensuring the products we craft stand at the heart of technological brilliance.

Born from the collective minds of three long-time friends, Codilas was our answer to a world of bloated agencies. We saw first-hand how complex operations and excessive overheads could lead to higher costs and compromised quality. So, we decided to do things differently and built a studio where quality is not just an expectation—it is our DNA.

At Codilas, we're more than your typical software agency. We're partners in innovation. We work closely with our clients, helping them bring to life products that don't just meet expectations, but redefine them. In our hands, the future of the world isn't an abstract concept—it's the next exciting project. So come on board and let's build a brighter, smarter future together.

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Our culture - We Live Tech, We Breathe Tech - Why Not Work It Too?

We are a group of like-minded people who share the same core values.

  • Loyalty. We are more than just colleagues - we are friends, united under the same banner. Loyalty is not just a word for us, it is a sentiment etched in our hearts. We stand together, committed to each other and the vision we share - to make technology not just our work, but our way of life.
  • Trust. Trust is the bedrock of our culture at Codilas. We believe in the ethos of autonomy and flexibility. Where our team works and when, matters less to us than the commitment to craft and the quality of output. There's no room for micromanagement or undue stress in our books
  • Growth. Here career paths are not set in stone but are wide open roads to explore. By involving our team in every creative step, we cultivate deeper understanding and professional evolution. Here, you are not just doing a job - you are growing into the tech dynamo you are meant to be.


  • Zvonimir Tomesic

    Co-Founder / CEO

  • Davor Lozic

    Co-Founder / CTO

  • Marko Plesa

    Co-Founder / COO


  • Bratislav Lazovic

    UI/UX Designer

  • Paula Cvetko

    Business and Marketing Manager

  • Fran Leustek

    Software Engineer

  • Domagoj Mitic

    Software Engineer

  • Karlo Klasic

    Business Development Manager

  • Ivan Smirnov

    Tehcnical Consultant

From the blog

Our team of experienced designers and developers has just one thing on their mind; working on your ideas to draw a smile on the face of your users worldwide. From conducting Brand Sprints to UX Design.

Number System: Binary, Decimal, Octal, Hexadecimal

Dive into the world of number systems, exploring the intricacies and practical applications of binary, decimal, octal, and hexadecimal conversions in computing and digital technology.

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Linux Schedulers - Ensuring Optimal System Performance

Evolution and functionality of Linux schedulers, from simple round-robin to the Completely Fair Scheduler and real-time alternatives, emphasizing their critical role in balancing system responsiveness, fairness, and efficiency across various computing environments.

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